Pregnancy – 50% planned; 50% unplanned

So…are you planning to become pregnant? For the last decade, pregnancy has been in a 50/50 situation. That is, about half the pregnancies occurring in the U.S. are planned. The rest? Well, not necessarily unwelcome, but definitely unplanned.

Will this change in the current recession (or as a friend said today, Let us just call it a depression and move on)? So far, it is clear that pregnancy rates are not dropping, despite an unwillingness to spend money on many other things. What does this say?

Once again, despite living in a high tech world, having babies is a primal experience. It does not diminish when resources are scarce.

So, plan to or not, if you have a baby during this depression, do not waste your money. Figure out how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Next on the Pregnancy Pathway: the act of conception.