CleanBirth – Saving Lives for $5

As part of our mission to contribute to safe motherhood around the globe, DTP is promoting the work of This organization works to make birth safer in southern Laos, which has the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality in the region[1]. CB1 Mum baby red hat The vast majority of women give birth without a trained attendant or clean supplies, but is making a difference, improving outcomes through simple initiatives that provide life-saving birthing supplies and information.

To promote hygienic birth, partners with a Lao non-profit, Our Village Association (OVA) to train local nurses to distribute Clean Birth Kits – the life saving birth supplies that cost a mere $5 each. The nurses then train a volunteer from each village to distribute and track the kits and spread information about safe birthing practices.

CB2 KitClean Birth Kits have been shown to prevent infection – a major birth-related killer – and village health volunteers have been shown to reduce neonatal and maternal deaths[2-5]. Along with providing these kits, is involved with the education for nurses and Village volunteers. Because they are part of the local culture, they are respected and can provide the kits, explain how to use them and give information on how to be safe during pregnancy and birth.

More kits and more training are needed. A nurse in the Tahoy District trained a local midwife who noted that using the kit is convenient and easy and keeps the mother and baby clean. CB3 Tahoy volunteer

During 2013, supplied 2,000 birth kits and trained 16 local nurses and 20 Village volunteers. To keep up this momentum, has formed an alliance with the Yale University School of Nursing to improve the training. Right now, you can help! is currently fundraising via to fund training for 15 nurses and 20 volunteers by Yale midwives during July 2014, as well as providing 500 Clean Birth Kits.

If you can, please donate to this mission:

  • $5 provides a life-saving Clean Birth Kit
  • $100 trains a Village volunteer
  • $250 sponsors a nurse who serves as many as 1o villages

Think of this as your Valentine present to the world. Safe Motherhood is a major global movement, and organizations such as are the on-the-ground work force that is bringing about improvements in maternal and newborn survival.

Thank you!!

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