DTP Guest Blog – Elyse Hoffman: Live Fully Fitness


Elyse Hoffman, CPCC, is an expert in Fitness Training Specialized for Pre/Post Natal and Women Over Fifty. Her company – based in San Fransisco – is Live Fully Fitness, geared toward helping women be fit at every stage of their lives. Elyse has certifications and continuing education credits from Dancing thru Pregnancy, Health and Fitness Institute, Coaching Training Institute, Moms on the Move, Resist-a-Ball, Mat Pilates, and Zumba.

E-mail: elyse@livefullyfitness.com

Website: www.livefullyfitness.com

DTP: Describe the mission or focus of your program.

Elyse: To me, being healthy and engaged in every aspect of your life, at every stage of your life is what it’s all about.  I believe that integrating physical fitness and a mind/body connection plays a vital role in overall wellness.

My mission is to use both aspects to help women shift adverse patterns that may be holding them back and affect lasting change.  This way my clients create new patterns both in their muscles and psyche.

DTP: What do you most enjoy about your work?

Elyse: I love when a client accomplishes something they didn’t think was possible.  Whether that breakthrough occurs in increased strength, shedding of excess pounds, or releasing emotional blocks, it gets me so excited! Their success is my success. I feel elated and honored to be part of their process.

I especially love working with pre- and post-natal women. Helping clients get strong during pregnancy and helping them get back into shape after giving birth is very rewarding to me.

Simply put, I LOVE what I do.  Working with my clients is a real gift.  I’m lucky enough to get daily reinforcement that what I do has a positive impact on my clients’ quality of life.

DTP: What is the most important thing you have learned from working with moms and moms-to-be?

Elyse: I’ve learned to really listen to each woman individually–every woman has a different experience with her body. The same exercise is not always correct for each woman.

I have learned that although it’s important to stay healthy and fit, it is just as important to relax and breathe. I tend to ask women when they come in, ”What will best serve you today?” Sometimes it is a powerful workout and sometimes a slower pace and lots of breath. Each is wonderful and powerful in its own way.

I have learned that it’s really about listening and hearing my clients’ needs in the moment.

DTP: What is your future outlook for your program?  Elyse1

Elyse: I enjoy working with pre- and post-natal women and with women over the age of 50.  I see myself continuing to blend my expertise as a life coach and as a fitness specialist to guide women to live the lives they want to live.

DTP: Any comments from clients?

“Just 4 weeks after having my second child, Elyse helped me to begin rebuilding the (core) strength I needed to keep up with the demands of caring for both a newborn and an energetic toddler. A year and a half later she continues to challenge my strength and I am stronger than ever.”
– Valerie Saroyan

This is the third in a series of Dancing Thru Pregnancy offspring program guest blogs. Elyse has a long history with our program and is one of the best trainers we know; we love being able to send her clients!

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