Pregnancy – Coping Tips for Dads or Partners

This is a guest blog by The Pregnancy Zone.

Expectant dads or partners can feel out of the loop during pregnancy, with a spate of unfamiliar feelings and anxiety over what to do. But there is a lot he can do for his partner and baby during this period. As a mom to be, here are ideas you can suggest to your partner to help him feel more involved and included.

Become Informed

Pregnancy is fascinating! To find out what is going on with mom and baby, read one of the many books on the subject, do some internet research and talk to experienced dads. This will brighten his experience. Just knowing about common pregnancy discomforts, and suggestions to alleviate them, can help a partner feel the experience more keenly.

Get Involved

Go to the prenatal check-ups with mom. Be there for support and reassurance that all is well. It is educational and helpful. If there is an ultra-sound scheduled, it can be deeply moving to ‘see’ the baby for the first time.

Attend Classes Together

Birth Preparation classes, such as natural birth preparation, can help the couple bond and will be of great value when labor happens.

Go Shopping

If mom is shopping for baby necessities—booties, onesies, tiny hats and socks—go along. Indulge mom a bit. It might even be a surprise to see how enjoyable shopping for baby can be!

Get the Nursery Ready

Putting together a bassinet or changing table or arranging for storage space for mom and baby are concrete projects that can give dads-to-be some real, solid purpose. This can be a hugely interesting DIY project as well.

Create a birth plan

The father-to-be needs to discuss with the mother what kind of birth she would like and help make necessary preparations in advance. If considering a home birth, both parents will need to study the risks and benefits, along with getting to know the midwife well. If it is water birth that the mother desires, the new dad should consider the logistical requirements of this and prepare accordingly.

Make sure finances are in order

Both parents need to be aware that a new baby means new expenses. To avoid surprises when baby arrives, get involved in making provisions beforehand.

Be patient

Partners can feel confused and out of control since there is little one can do to help a pregnancy along. Some moms develop an aversion to sexual intimacy, while others have a heightened libido. Dads, don’t take it personally! Things are never for ever!

Also remember that men can fall prey to pregnancy related depression, so both future parents need to take care of themselves – and each other! – and don’t ignore signs that either partner may need help.

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  1. I tend to agree, when my wife was pregnant I used to help her with shopping for the baby. I must say I did enjoy it 🙂

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